Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What goes through my head.

My sister and I were driving down the road one night- You know, just an everyday car ride to get somewhere we needed to be. She was trying to plug her phone into her charger when she took her eyes off of the road, for literally a second; enough time to blink or something. In just that second, we swerved. Nothing major: just a little left and back to the right sort of thing, as she straightened back up onto the road. But, it’s times like these that make you think. I know that ‘what if’s’ are pointless. But, it doesn’t hurt to wonder about how things would change ‘if’ something happened differently than they did. At that particular moment, I was thinking about what would have happened if we wrecked. Would people even care, I thought. I mean, of course my family would rush to the hospital in dramatics, but what about our friends and the people that know us personally? I guess times like those you find out who your true friends are- which you hear about all the time. But, it’s true, which brings me to something else that I can confidently say, we all are sick off. We all know someone like this; fake, for lack of a better word. They pretend to be someone they’re not just so that people will like and except them. All they want is to “fit in” with the crowd, which is ever so crucial now-a-days to some people, and they’ll do or say whatever they think will make people like them for who they pretend to be. Well, let me fill you in on something: you keeping a ‘secret’ that you really are and pretending to be something else isn’t getting you anywhere. You’re not fooling anyone. “Secrets are made to eventually be figured out over time.”  So- bottom line is, quit being fake and be yourself because that’s something that nobody can ever take away. I mean, people can take your ideas, your friends, copy what you do or say, but ultimately, you are you. And that is something amazing. Maybe not to you, but there’s someone out there that thinks you are. And you’re never going to know it if you’re not yourself around everyone you meet. Well, okay- Enough about that. And onto something else; how about this blog site comes in handy. It’s nice to be able and spill all of your thoughts out somewhere without bombarding an actual person. Hah, I like it. Now, I’m going to give myself the right to talk about myself. Even though I know nobody actually wants to read this, it’s just nice to let loose, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do lately. Just go with the flow and stop being so uptight about everything. I’ve started looking at absolutely everything in all perspectives. When at first something upsets me or I don’t understand why somebody did something the way they did, I look at if as what if that was me. Life is so difficult already, I just wish that someday, everyone would learn to work together and stop adding stress to each others lives. People create such chaos and such; it’s so hard to keep a happy streak. But, chaos isn’t always a bad thing. It is however, when people begin to point out your flaws as if they make you a bad person. After reading this book for school The Truth About Forever, for some reason it opened my eyes. Your imperfections are what make you, you. And you should never expect yourself to be perfect, because that’s something you’ll never be. And why should you want something that you can never have? It’s pointless. Just like ‘what if’s’.  Something else- I know saying ‘I don’t care’ makes you seem like some heartless person who doesn’t have any emotions, but sometimes it just means, you’re not letting anything bring you down. It’s when you reach the point where being strong is the only choice you have and you’ve decided to embrace it instead of running away. That’s something that everyone’s got to learn eventually; that is, if you’re ever going to survive in this world. I guess I’ll just stop there for tonight, so I’ll end with this: Goodnight.

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